We offer full body waxing services, including Brazilian Wax, Lip Waxing, Legs, arms, back and facial Waxing

Eyebrows Waxing & Shaping
Customized and tailored brows waxing in Allen. Shaping your naturally beautiful eyebrows, followed by Minaya branded lotion application to soothe those irritated follicles, leaving your eyebrow looking stunning and attention demanding.

Lip Waxing
We make your cheeks SEXY !
Using only branded and top quality wax, ensuring your cheeks look amazingly clean and well taken care of. Visit us today for your next waxing in Allen.

Forehead, Chin, Cheek, Ears
Waxing treatment for your forehead, chin, cheek and ears. Ensuring every unneeded hair plucked out from root, with surgical accuracy.


Full Face Waxing
Full facial waxing in Allen, including forehead, eyebrows, nose, forehead, upper lip and chin.

Bikini Waxing
Get ready to look amazing in that swimsuit. Our Bikini Line waxing removes hair from Upper Leg/Inner thigh area, leaving the area feeling soft and clean

Extended Bikini
Similar to Bikini Line waxing, this waxing treatment removes hair from the sides of the bikini area, and a thin line of hair from the labia. The majority of the hair on the labia will not be removed.

Brazilian Waxing
Brazilian waxes are popular for a reason. They make you SEXY down there!
Unlike the French Waxing, in Brazilian Waxing in Allen, the hair are taken off the top and sides of the bikini line, but also all the way under and around towards the rear; Yeop, that includes around the bum!
If you want to feel completely smooth, clean and hairless, go Brazilian.

Shoulder Waxing
This waxing treatment targets the front, top and read part of your shoulders and doesn’t include upper back or neck.


Full Back
Let us help you get ready for that Backless dress with a wax treatment for your back. This treatment includes full back waxing, followed by soothing lotion application, to heal and add another layer of elegance.

Half Back
Half back waxing in Allen. This treatment targets upper back OR lower back.

Hands & Feet Waxing
Specially tailored waxing treatment for your hands & feet. This waxing treatment demands immaculate care and precision. Visit us today to find out how we can make your hands & feet look and feel AMAZING!

Chest Waxing
Rid your chest of those unwanted hair. Our wax is specially formulated to pull even the tiniest of hair, leaving your chest looking smooth & silky!

Half Arms Waxing
This waxing treatment is for half arms and cover hairs above the wrist and upto the elbow.

Full Arms Waxing
This waxing treatment is for full arms and cover the area from wrist to shoulder bone. This treatment doesn’t cover shoulder or hands.

Underarms / Armpits
Get ready for those shiny new sleeveless with our underarms/armpits waxing treatment.

Half Legs Waxing
Leg Waxing at its best. In this waxing session, unwanted hair are removed from the leg area, under the knee. Get your legs looking smooth & sexy and skirt-ready!

Full Legs Waxing
Just like half leg waxing, unwanted hair are removed from entire legs, starting from bottom hip line and under.



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